Silly Kid Games of Kennesaw, Georgia has announced a license agreement with Paramount Pictures to produce board games based on the cult-classic film The Warriors, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.  The first title, The Warriors: Turf War, is scheduled to release in December 2016, with expansions to follow next year.

In The Warriors: Turf War, the players are gang leaders in a 1970s New York City that is collapsing into violence and mayhem as outnumbered police struggle to control rising gang activity.  The gangs themselves have an uneasy truce, but are prepared to fight at any time.

Using their gang’s unique special advantages, based on the film and associated books, each player tries to expand their "turf" and protect it from other gangs while avoiding the police and dealing with story-driven scenarios.  Players use multiple "characters" to control their gang activities, either to compete directly against the other gangs, or to cooperate with them against the police.

The Warriors: Turf War will include 48 stand-up gang counters and 8 stand-up police counters, with spin down bases that players can use to track the characters’ hit points and rank.  Six to 10 various turfs to fight over, 110 cards, 16 dice, and a variety of game tokens round out the components.  MSRP is expected to be around $80.

Silly Kid Games plans to fund the project with a Kickstarter campaign, which will begin in March. 

Georgia-based Silly Kid Games released its first title, Golem Academy, in 2015, after a successful Kickstarter.  In the game, players take the role of 1 of 4 unique characters, then use their golem in battles against the other players using different card types (Combat, combo, Reflex, Fusion) to achieve victory. The last player standing wins.