The next Dungeons & Dragons storyline will be Curse of Strahd,  which releases on March 15, Wizards of the Coast announced today.

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The adventure will be set in Castle Ravenloft, and the land of Barovia. The adventure is written in collaboration with Tracy and Laura Hickman, who penned the original Ravenloft adventure from 1983. Players will face the vampire Strahd von Zarovich after being drawn into the cursed land of Barovia. The only way to save themselves is to heed the warnings of Madam Eva, a mysterious fortune-teller who directs the adventurers to gather artifacts and allies with hints from cards in her tarroka deck.

The Curse of Strahd sourcebook will be a 224-page hardcover, written by Chris Perkins, Tracy Hickman, and Laura Hickman.  It will include the fantasy-horror adventure for characters levels 1- 10, as well as everything a Dungeon Master needs for a game. MSRP is $49.95.

In addition to Curse of Strahd sourcebook, Gale Force Nine will be producing a physical tarroka deck for use with the adventure. The deck can be used by DMs to randomize locations within the adventure. MSRP was not announced.

“Revisiting the land of Barovia with the creators of the original Ravenloft adventure has been a highlight of my professional career,” said Chris Perkins, principal story designer at Wizards of the Coast. “Tracy and Laura Hickman created a timeless villain whose faults reflect the darkest traits of humanity. I can't begin to describe what it's like to walk through the halls of Castle Ravenloft with its creators as your guides.”

Curse of Stahd will follow the current Rage of Demons D&D Adventurers League season (see “'D&D: Rage of Demons'”). The Adventurers League organized play program will be open to fans as well as stores and conventions with this new season (see “Adventurers League No Longer Confined to Stores and Cons”).