Iello has released new information for the whimsical air-pirate game Sea of Clouds.

Sea of Clouds is a fast-paced pirate-themed drafting card game for 2-4 players designed by Théo Rivière (Shinobi WAT-AAH!) with art by the renowned Miguel Coimbra (7 Wonders). Players take the role of captains of flying pirate ships, vying for the best Rum, Relics, Objects, and Pirates. Board enemy ships, plunder and loot, all for the hope of being hailed the Pirate King.

The game includes 95 Loot cards, 65 Doubloons, 4 Captain boards, 1 Central board, 2 wooden tokens, 1 Parrot token, a rulebook, and score pad. It is scheduled for a Q2 release. MSRP is $29.99.

Late in 2015, Iello teased Sea of Clouds during the announcement of their 2016 line; four other games were also teased (see "Iello Teases Five 2016 Releases").