VIZ Media has announced the acquisition of two new art books, one ending a series and another with an artist new to the company, Yoshitaka Amano.  The Art of Castle in the Sky, due in October, is the final volume in the Viz art book series tied to Studio Ghibli feature films (there are ten other volumes).  The $34.99 hardcover will present the art for the first Studio Ghibli film.   The planned October release marks the original release of the film 30 years ago.

Yoshitaka Amano: Illustrations includes sketches, commentary, and interviews, and select color pieces from series such as Final Fantasy, Vampire Hunter D, and Gatchaman, and from Amano creations Hero and N.Y. Salad.  The $19.99 volume is planned for release this summer.  Amano has a long history in the American market, going back at least to 2001 when he illustrated novels for Marvel (see "Amano to Illustrate 'Elektra/Wolverine'").

VIZ also announced that it will release two new Pokemon Pocket Comics products this fall.  The Pokemon Pocket Comics Vols. 1 & 2 Box Set will ship in October.  The box set will include two pocket-sized books of four-panel comics,  Pokemon Black and White and Pokemon Legendary (see "ICv2 Interview: VIZ's Beth Kawasaki"), for $16.99.

VIZ will release Pokemon XY Pocket Comics Vol. 3 in December, for $13.99.  Like the other volumes in the series, it will include statistics, trivia, and quizzes in addition to four-panel comic strips.