Spartan Games has released details of its second licensed Halo miniatures game.  Halo: Ground Command will release in late summer.

Halo: Ground Command will be a tabletop miniatures game that recreates ground battles between the forces of the UNSC and the Covenant on the world of Reach.  The game will be played using 1:100 scale models of vehicles and soldiers from the Halo game world, including infantry, Spartans, vehicles, and aerial units.

The game mechanics use the same core system as Spartan’s Halo:  Fleet Battles game, including the Firepower Rating Mechanic and the custom-designed Spartan Dice, which use image-based graphics to speed up gameplay.  A new mechanic, called the “Reaction System” allows players to react to any action their opponent takes out of turn, keeping players involved.

The first product in the new line will be the Battle for Reach, a two-player starter box that will include the game rules, stats for both UNSC and Covenant forces, 26 custom dice, tokens, scenery, and a 1000 point battle force for each side in the conflict.  MSRP will be about $91.66.

The UNSC force will include 42 infantry, 2 Warthogs, and 1 Spartan.  The Covenant force will include 6 Elites, 30 Grunts, 2 Hunters, and 3 Ghosts.  Additional units will be released as expansion sets following the starter set.

Spartan Games plans to release a Tournament Pack for retailers and Spartan Vanguards to support the release of the Battle for Reach starter set, as well as Demo Packs for participating retail stores.

Spartan Games release its Halo space combat game, Halo:  Fleet Battles, in 2015 (see “‘Halo’ Comes to the Tabletop”).