The Decade of Deckadence will be the new core set for the long-running collectible card game The Spoils, available starting August 4.

The Decade of Deckadence was designed to act as a new starting point for new players, providing a new core set for the game, and also as a convenient self-contained Cube set for experienced players.  Each box includes 428 cards, which is enough to run a draft event for up to eight players, or a sealed-style event for four players. 

Players who purchase two copies of Decade of Deckadence will have a complete play set that includes the best cards in the game, without having to deal with boosters.  This set will be compatible with other expansions, including future expansions, and will be legal for use in all official Spoils tournaments.

In addition to the 428 cards, each Decade of Deckadence will include a full-color rulebook.  MSRP is $39.99.

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The Decade of Deckadence was announced along with Ungodly Mess, the last set of the current expansion cycle, earlier this year (see “Two Expansions for ‘The Spoils’”).