The Batman returns to WizKids DC Comics Dice Masters in a new expansion scheduled to release in February 2017, with a special offer for a limited edition case incentive promo card.

The DC Comics Dice Masters:  Batman set will be available only in randomly-packed boosters sold in gravity-feed display boxes.  This expansion set features more than 30 iconic heroes and villains from Batman’s storied career fighting crime in Gotham City, including a number of characters that are new to the DC Comics Dice Masters game.

Each foil pack includes two cards and two matching dice for the game.  MSRP is 99 cents per pack.

As an added incentive, WizKids is offering a special limited edition sketch-art variant promo card to those who purchase an entire gravity feed display box.  Inspired by the Sketch Promos for FCBD, this “gift with purchase” features sketch-style artwork on a card for use in the game.  The promo will be available while supplies last.