Game Salute is producing a limited edition Alien Frontiers Big Box for release in Q4.

Originally released in 2010, Alien Frontiers combines dice game and resource management mechanics together with the theme of planetary colonization and development.  The game was popular with fans and critics, and since its release it has spawned two large expansions and 11 smaller ones.

Now Game Salute is combining all 14 Alien Frontiers titles together in a single Big Box version.  This set includes Alien Frontiers, the Factions and Outer Belt expansions, all seven Expansion Packs and all four Faction Packs, along with an updated combined rulebook and some component upgrades.  Altogether, it will have 1 double-sided gameboard, 1 scoring track, 1 Outer Belt board, 12 faction boards, 12 counters, 16 plastic miniatures, 41 dice, 123 tokens, and 174 cards.

Alien Frontiers Big Box includes everything needed for 2 to 6 players, and is intended for ages 12 and up.  It plays in about an hour and a half.  MSRP is $200.00. 

Due to the high suggested price, Game Salute will only produce a limited number of copies of the game.  Stores that pre-order will have priority shipping on available quantities and an opportunity to release the game two weeks ahead of the official street date.  The actual release date has not yet been announced.

Game Salute funded the project through a Kickstarter campaign last year that collected $155,275 worth of pledged support from 1,543 backers (an average of $100.63 per backer).

Recently, Game Salute launched another outer space themed game, Planetarium, for release next year (see “Evolve a New Solar System in ‘Planetarium’”).