Nightwing #2 Art by Javi Fernandez-On Sale Now
DC Comics has announced the signing of an exclusive agreement with artist/writer Tim Seeley, the co-creator of Hack/Slash, who is perhaps best known for his run on Grayson (from 2014-2016) in which he and his co-writer, former CIA Counter Terrorism officer Tom King, took Dick Grayson in a new direction as a globetrotting superspy.   Seeley is now taking Grayson back to his superhero roots in a revived Nightwing with artists Javi Fernandez and Marcus To, and this October Seeley will also return to his roots in 1980s horror with a sequel to the cult classic vampire tale Lost Boys (see “Lost Boys Sequel From Vertigo”).

DC Comics, which announced the signing of Seeley on its blog, has been especially busy this year in signing writers and artists to exclusive contracts (see “DC’s 12th 2016 Exclusive Announcement”).