Diamond Comic Distributors announced that the total number of comics ordered for Halloween ComicFest 2016 is up 33% from last year.

More than two million comics have been ordered for the event, which includes over 1,900 participating locations.  "We’re ecstatic about the 33% increase in total comics ordered from last year, which signals to us that Halloween ComicFest continues to grow as one the industry’s major annual events," said Halloween ComicFest spokesperson Michael Moccio.  "What’s especially exciting is that the mini-comics increased almost 50% from last year. As an industry, turning the next generation into comic book fans is paramount and we’re happy we can contribute to that initiative by distributing the all-ages mini-comics that are perfect to give to trick-or-treaters."

The event, which takes place on Saturday, October 29, includes 32 free comics, 19 full-sized and 13 mini-comics (see "Diamond Announces Halloween Comics Fest 2016").

Retailer pre-orders for HCF mini-comics totaled over 1.5 million copies (50% increase over 2015) and full-sized titles totaled over 825,000 (10% increase over 2015).

Stores can host their own special events during the day with suggestions including costume contests, local artist appearances, trick-or-treating, games, and giveaways.  Diamond is also promoting "The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest Ever" where anyone in a costume holding up their free HCF comics can snap a picture and submit it to the event website.  Prizes include a $500 or $100 shopping spree at their local comic store plus other great prizes.