WizKids has reached a deal with Lookout Games GmbH and designer Uwe Rosenberg to produce a line of six Agricola Upgrade Kits for the award-winning board game.

Each of the six expansion sets in the line will include five pre-painted figures representing the family members from the Agricola base game, enough for one player to use in the game.  New unique cards, designed by Agricola creator Uwe Rosenberg, will also be included in each Upgrade Kit.

The Agricola Upgrade Kits will be released in 2017.  Final components and MSRPs have not been announced.

Earlier this year, Mayfair Games, which acquired a controlling interest in Lookout Games in 2013, released an updated version of Agricola, with plans for future expansions (see “Mayfair Announces Revamped ‘Agricola’ Line”).