WizKids has announced a June 2017 release for their new robot battle game Dicebot Megafun.

Players take on the role of futuristic robots, battling in arena-style combat for the amusement of humans. Utilizing a "junkyard" of dice representing robot parts, players gather dice to place on their robot character sheet, and then select weapons of various speed, strength, and abilities. Uzis, lasers, and bombs are just a few of the tools available to robots.

The game includes 24 custom dice, 98 weapon cards, 12 special cards, 4 hit point tokens, 9 victory medals, and the game rules. The game is for 2 -4 players and plays in 30 minutes. MSRP is $24.99.

WizKids is also releasing X-Men First Class, an expansion for Marvel Dice Masters in June (see "'Marvel Dice Masters' Recruits 'X-Men First Class'").