Marvel has revealed the creative team and elements of the storyline for its new Jean Grey series, launching Spring 2017 as part of its ResurrXion event.  The series will be written by Dennis Hopeless, with art by Victor Ibanez, and first issue cover by David Yardin.

In the series, Phoenix is coming, and Jean Grey has to prepare, so she hones her gifts under the greatest heroes and teachers.

The Jean Grey series was originally teased back in October (see "Marvel Teases 'ResurrXion'"), and now is being revealed in more detail as part of the ongoing Resurrxion roll-out, which has included the flagship X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue titles (see "'X-Men Gold' and 'X-Men Blue' Revealed"), Generation X (see "Marvel Resurrects 'Generation X' in New Ongoing"), and Iceman (see "Marvel Reveals Details for New 'Iceman'").