New Thanos Cards
Upper Deck has announced a new set for the VS. System card game, in conjunction with a rules update regarding the “Thanos Main Character” cards from The Marvel Battles core set.

Upper Deck and the designers of the VS. System card game, Danny Mandel and Ben Cichoski have determined that the “Thanos Main Character” cards from The Marvel Battles release (see “Details on First Marvel 'VS. System' Release”) are too powerful, and have had negative effects on the play experience, especially in a competitive environment. “So our policy going forward will be to ‘Ban + Replace’ problematic cards,” Mandel said in a statement posted on the Upper Deck Blog. “The ban will be effective immediately, and the replacement card will be part of the next applicable expansion. The new version of Thanos will be printed in the next Marvel expansion.”

The next Marvel Expansion will be VS. System: Legacy, releasing in March. The set will contain 200 cards which expand on every Marvel team released including The Marvel battles, The Defenders, and A-Force. Each team will gain a new Main Character and some Supporting Characters. Captain Britain, Psylocke, Mister Sinister, Taskmaster, Squirrel Girl, and Elektra are all expected to be part of the release. MSRP is $29.99.

Upper Deck also announced plans for three more organized play kits (see “Second 'VS. System' OP Kit”) in 2017, with planned releases in April, August, and December.