Full Page Ad
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Line screen:

Full page ad:
Trim size = 8.375" x 10.875"
Live area = 7.875" x 10.375"
Bleed size = 8.875" x 11.375"

2-Page/Centerspread Ad
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Two page / Centerspread ad:
Trim size = 16.75"
Live area (counting gutter) = 16.25"
Bleed size = 17.25"

Trim size = 10.875"
Live area = 10.375"
Bleed size = 11.375"

Half Page Ad
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Half page ad (horizontal, bottom half):
Trim size = 8.375" x 5.43"
Live area = 7.5" x 5"
Bleed Size = 8.875" x 5.6875"

1/3rd page ad (vertical):
Trim size = 3.292" x 10.875"
Live area = 2.792" x 10.375"
Bleed Size = 3.792" x 11.375"


Front Cover Ad
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FRONT COVER: [Updated 10/1/21]
Trim area = 6.457" x 8.89" (horizontal x vertical)
Live area (text should live within this area)  = 5.99" x 8.437"
Bleed area = 6.720" x 9.167" (only to the bottom and right of the ad)
[Please do NOT include crop marks or printers marks.  If you do wish to include them, please be sure that they’re outside of the image's bleed dimensions.]

Limit type on the cover to 20 square inches.  Buying the cover ad entitles you to text on the Table of Contents Page -- "About the Cover Ad."  If you want to take advantage of this element, please send a maximum of 50 words in a Word document describing the cover image.  If you have rights info, please provide as a separate Word document that can be included in the indicia.

Back Page Ad
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BACK COVER: [Updated: 10/1/21]
Trim area = 8.375" x 7.627"
Live area = 7.5" x 7.187"
Bleed area = 8.875" x 7.877"

E-mail the ad (up to 10MB), let us know where to find it on your FTP site, or e-mail us for info on how to use our FTP site.

No Crop Marks
No printer marks or crop marks, please.

Live area = 6.25" x 8.75"
Bleed size = 6.625" x 9.125"

All ads must be submitted as computer files.  300dpi High-Resolution jpegs, tiffs or PDFs required (if none of these work for you, contact us).

Send all ad materials to:
Dennis Viau