ICv2's Internal Correspondence is the treasured secret of retailers, distributors, librarians and educators, the press, and others that want the inside scoop.  That’s because each issue reveals what’s selling in comic, game, and other pop culture stores; what’s going to be selling in the coming months; and other insiders’ secrets of the trade.  Create the kind of buzz that translates to sales with ICv2's Internal Correspondence.

Categories that drive pop culture—   

  • Collectible games, cool board games, miniature games, and RPGs
  • Graphic novels, including manga
  • Plus the occasional books, toys, and other related categories

Circulation that reaches your most important audience—

  • Distribution—ICv2's Internal Correspondence reaches retailers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe through eight distributors.
  • Trade shows and conventions—ICv2's Internal Correspondence is distributed at over twenty shows each year; only the biggest are noted on schedule. 
  • Subscriptions include key librarians, educators, chain and distribution buyers, and industry decision makers

The best environment—

  • Top editorial content
  • Magazine size, all color, high quality, glossy paper. 

Reach your most important audience—the buyers, gatekeepers, and tastemakers that can open their doors and make your product a success—ICv2's Internal Correspondence.

Ad Contact:
Milton Griepp
(608) 284-9400, ext. 1

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