Amy Schumer won’t be playing Barbie in Sony’s live-action feature film after all, reports Variety.

Schumer left the production due to scheduling conflicts that resulted from promotional tours and reshoots on her other projects. Due to Mattel’s tie-in product cycles, Sony was unable to shift their planned June 29, 2018 release date to accommodate Schumer’s schedule.

Schumer worked on the script, but it’s unclear whether her revisions will be maintained with another star attached. The production is still searching for a director as well, with earlier reports indicating a preference for a woman at the helm (see “Amy Schumer to Star as Barbie”).

Papercutz launched a line of Barbie graphic novels last fall (see “Papercutz Launching ‘Barbie’ Graphic Novel Series”) and one of the publisher’s FCBD releases also features the iconic character (see “Silver FCBD Comics Announced”).