Three long-time veterans of the roleplaying industry have joined forces to launch the Esper Genesis Heroic Sci-Fi Roleplaying Game as a new company called Alligator Alley Entertainment.  The new game will release early in 2018.

Esper Genesis is built on the game engine used in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition and set in a science-fiction world of intergalactic war and exploration.  The storyline centers on ancient reality-warping artifacts left behind by a vanished race.  Instead of magic, characters known as “Espers” can use these devices to create psychic effects and manipulate the forces of the universe.  The game will also include rules for high-tech gadgets and starship combat.

The game was created by Rich Lescauflair (In Volo’s Wake, Curse of the Demon Stone) and produced by Eric Wiener (Witch Hunter:  The Invisible World, Arcanis Roleplaying Game) and features graphics by Brian Dalrymple.  The company offered an open playtest version of the game in August last year through free pdf downloads of the game’s core rules and a 64-page adventure. 

Alligator Alley will publish three books in the initial production run:

The Core Manual includes the game rules, including character generation rules, races, archetypes, and skills, equipment and gear, and basic information about the game setting.  MSRP is $49.99.

The Silrayne Threats Database serves as a bestiary for the game, with descriptions and stats for monsters and other foes for the players to face in the game.

Finally, the Master Technician’s Guidebook is full of gear, vehicles, and starships for use with the game, as well as rules for “Forged Enhancements” that can be used to make more powerful gear.

A Game Master’s Screen and tactical maps are also planned.

The project is being funded through a Kickstarter campaign which has collected over $15,000 in pledged support from more than 200 backers, with 12 days remaining.  The campaign offers two different retailer-only backing options.  Interested retailers can reserve copies with a small down payment, or pledge a larger amount to receive a deeper discount and access to the Kickstarter exclusive Collector’s Edition.  Retailer backers will receive the game approximately 30 days before the trade release, and can participate in an exclusive organized play event.

See three covers in the gallery below.