New publisher Make Believe Games, founded by RPG legend Mark Rein-Hagen, is partnering with Cubicle 7 Entertainment to produce The Unspeakable, an RPG inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth, expected later this year.

This will be the first joint project for these two companies. Cubicle 7 has already established itself within the Mythos RPG genre, and as the creator of Vampire:  The Masquerade, Rein-Hagen’s credentials in horror-themed role playing are well established.  In a press release, Rein-Hagen credited his exposure to Lovecraft’s writing as “my introduction to horror,” adding, “Words cannot express how excited I am to finally be involved in a truly Lovecraftian RPG.”

The Unspeakable inverts the standard format of Mythos-themed role playing games by casting the players in the role of cultists sworn to serve one of the unspeakable elder gods in their effort to destroy reality.  The game, created by C. A. Suleiman, (whose credits include Vampire:  The Requiem, Dark Ages:  Vampire, Orpheus, and Strange Lands), is built on the Axiom System, which as also used for Make Believe Games’ earlier RPG I Am Zombie.

The first book for the new game, Sigil & Sign, will introduce the game setting, core rules, and themes.  The project will be funded through a Kickstarter campaign in April.

Cubicle 7 recently announced new titles for its more traditionally themed Adventures in Middle-earth roleplaying game (see “‘Wilderland Adventurers’ and “The Road Goes Ever On’”).

See teaser art in gallery below.