In June, Mayfair Games will release a new two-player version of Uwe Rosenberg’s dwarven farming game called Caverna:  Cave vs. Cave.

Like the game’s big brother, in Caverna:  Cave vs. Cave, players compete to create a comfortable cave dwelling for their dwarves while farming grain, flax, and other materials needed to build their home.  At the same time, they dig mines for precious metals and try to become the wealthiest dwarven tribe.

Caverna:  Cave vs. Cave converts the popular worker-placement style game into a two-player, head-to-head contest with a short 40-minute playing time.  The game includes 38 tiles, 12 goods markers, 4 action markers, 7 walls, and 2 cave boards.  MSRP is $28.00.

Last week, Mayfair announced a new edition of its venerable fantasy train game Iron Dragon (see “Mayfair’s ‘Iron Dragon’ Returns”).