The number of films tied to geek culture has expanded rapidly in recent years, accounting for a bigger and bigger percentage of Hollywood releases.  "Best in Shows" is the ICv2 list of geek films, arranged by quarter, with some context for each.  Dates and other information are updated until release with new info as we get it.  To see all the periods we’re covering, see the "Best in Shows Index."

October 1; rescheduled from December 18, 2020
Warner Bros. moved back the date from November in August.  The film will be directed by Denis Villeneuve and feature Dave Bautista, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Javier Bardem, Chang Chen, Timothee Chalamet, and Charlotte Rampling.

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins
October 22, 2021
This reboot of the G.I. Joe universe stars Henry Golding.  Originally planned for 2020, it was pushed back due to the coronavirus.

November 5
Rescheduled from February in a series of moves made by Marvel in September 2020, this film will star Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjani, Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, Lia McHugh, and Don Lee, and be directed by Chloe Zhao.

Mission: Impossible 7
November 19
The seventh in the Tom Cruise series was moved here from July of 2021 in the coronavirus shuffle.

Untitled Disney Animation Film
November 24
In April 2017, Disney reserved this date for another animated feature.

West Side Story
December 10
This Fox film was originally scheduled for December 2020 when Disney merged the Fox slate after the acquisition, but has now been moved nearly a year later to this new date in a group of schedule changes in September 2020.

Spider-Man Homecoming 3
December 17; Pushed Back From November
Moved to this date from July 2021 in the coronavirus shuffle.  Disney cancelled the third Homecoming movie after a split with Sony. Later, Disney re-scheduled it for this release date after the two studios negotiated an agreement that allowed for Kevin Feige to remain on creative point and Tom Holland to play Spider-Man (see "Sony, Disney Reconcile"). In 2020, Disney gave up their Avatar 2 slot in December, and Sony pushed this movie back to fill that slot (see "'Spider-Man' Snaps Up 'Avatar 2' Slot")

Downton Abbey 2
This second movie spin-off of the TV series features the original cast from the first movie.  

Sherlock Holmes 3
December 22
Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures set this date for the third outing of the famous detective (Robert Downey Jr.) and his sidekick Dr. Watson (Jude Law). It’s been nine years since the sequel, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, appeared in theaters, but it made $545.4 million worldwide at the box office.

The Matrix 4
December 22; rescheduled from April 1, 2022
Warner Bros. announced a May 2021 date for Matrix 4 in August of 2019 (see "' New 'Matrix' Film" and moved the release date to 2022 after the film’s production was shut down by the coronavirus crisis. The release date was then pushed forward to December 2021 after other Warner Bros. movies were coronavirus shuffled again.

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