Steamforged Games will bring new blood to the pitch with a new organized play kit for Guild Ball in August.

A new guild is launching this summer (see “'Guild Ball' Introduces 'Farmer's Guild' with Launch Event”) and Steamforged is encouraging in-store league play with the Guild Ball: Kick About Escalation League Pack. The pack guides coaches through building a team, from individual players to a league-ready roster. The games are a good way to encourage new players, and encourage veterans to pick up a whole new Guild.

The retail-only pack includes 8 x Lucky miniatures and stat cards, 8 x Chibi Mascot cards, a deck of 80x Hidden Agenda cards, 1 League Organizers Guide, 8 Coach Record Sheets (plus a few spares), 1 League Organizers Record Sheet, 2 A3 Posters, 8x Pin Badges, and 5x Certificates. MSRP is $30.00.