The Game Manufacturers Association elected a new President and Vice President at the Annual Membership Meeting.  Stephan Brissaud was elected President, and Marie Poole was elected as the new Vice President.

Brissaud, CEO of Iello USA, joined the board in 2015, and was elected Vice President last year (see “GAMA Names New Board Members”). He was preceded in the position by Justin Ziran, President of WizKids Games Inc.

Poole, Chief Business Officer of Lone Shark Games, was elected as an At-Large Director to the board last year.

The board also added two new Directors-At-Large, Anne-Marie De Witt, co-founder/co-owners Fireside Games, and Jeff Tidball, COO at Atlas Games.

Brian Dalrymple, owner of The Adventure Game Store, was re-elected to serve as Secretary.

These members will join existing board members: Rick Loomis, Bob Maher, Will Niebling, Larry Roznai, Travis Severance, Mike Webb, and Aaron Witten.