The third expansion set for Gale Force Nine’s Star Trek:  Ascendancy board game will be the Borg Assimilation, releasing in mid-September.

The Borg Assimilation expansion will feature the cybernetic collective of the Borg as a neutral race in the game, competing against all players.  As players explore the galaxy, they can encounter Borg Cubes, worlds controlled by the Borg, and other Borg-related events.  Players can steal Borg technology from defeated Borg Cubes to bolster their defenses as the collective aggressively seeks new worlds to assimilate.

The Borg actions are controlled through the use of Borg Command Cards, which form a sort of A.I.  Borg Cubes will attack any nearby fleets and worlds, and players can combine their efforts to defeat them.  Adding the Borg does not change the game’s victory conditions.

The new expansion allows one or two players to compete against the Borg and each other.  A copy of the base game is required to play (see “Prepare for Interstellar Conflict in ‘Star Trek:  Ascendancy’.”)  MSRP for the Borg Assimilation expansion will be $45.00.

The first two expansions for Star Trek:  Ascendancy, the Cardassian Union and the Ferengi Alliance, have been delayed since their original announcement last year (see “Two Player Expansions for ‘Star Trek Ascendancy’”).  Those expansions will now release in mid-August.

See game images in the gallery below!