Original cover
It’s another blast from the past for Restoration Games as they announce an updated version of the 1986 Milton Bradley classic Fireball Island.

The new version, to be called Fireball Island:  The Curse of Vul-Kar picks up where the original game left off.  In the original game, players raced up the island volcano trying to steal a priceless gem from Vul-Kar and escape, avoiding the red marbles that would emerge from Vul-Kar’s mouth, threatening to wipe out their playing piece.  Set on the same island 30 years later, the new edition challenges players with a dark curse from the angered Vul-Kar, as well as new adventures and dangers.

Original game
The new edition has been updated by Rob Daviau (Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, Seafall), J.R. Honeycutt (Seafall), and Justin D. Jacobson (Downforce, Stop Thief!) and features a new island design by Noah Adelman of Game Trayz.  The game is being produced in partnership with Longshore, Ltd., which will retain non-English distribution, under license from Lund and Company Invention, LLC.  Restoration Games plans to fund the project with a future Kickstarter campaign.

Restoration Games just premiered it’s first efforts to modernize classic games at Gen Con, including a new version of Parker Brother’s Stop Thief (see "Classic Whodunit Board Game 'Stop Thief' Returns").