At Gen Con, Corvus Belli unveiled Aristeia!, the new sports game set in the universe of its Infinity miniatures war game. Aristeia! will release to trade in November.

The new sports game allows two players to act as team managers and field a team of four players with unique skills to dominate combat in the HexaDome arena.

Corvus Belli will support the game with expansions, approximately four per year, a representative told ICv2, with a price around $30.00 each. Organized league play is also planned, which will include international rankings and tournament kits.

The box contains 8 character figures with exclusive cards, 8 initiative cards, 52 tactical cards, 3 booklets (Access Guide to the Human Sphere, How-to-Play instructions, Reference Guide), a reversible board (the HexaDome), dice, counters, and tokens. The game is for two players, and plays in just over an hour.  MSRP has not been finalized, but will be in the $65 -$70 range. 

See images of all 8 characters in gallery below!