The Elemental Lords return to the Yu-Gi-Oh!  Trading Card Game in the upcoming Flames of Destruction booster set, releasing on Friday, May 4.  This will be the last 100-card booster set for the 2017-18 Dueling season.

Based on events from the Yu-Gi-Oh!  VRAINS era, Flames of Destruction is set in a dark time when Ib, the World Chalice Priestess, uses her abilities to destroy the world through a half-dozen destructive incarnations, represented in the game as new Link Monsters.  These cards are designed so they can be used with any deck, or included in a deck constructed solely from cards included in the Flames of Destruction set.  The set introduces a fifth Elemental Lord, new Trap Cards, a Spell to revive monsters, and a new Dragon.

The complete Flames of Destruction set includes 100 cards, with 48 common, 20 rare, 14 super rare, 10 ultra rare, and 8 secret rare cards.  The cards will be packaged in nine-card booster packs, available in 24-pack display boxes.

Flames of Destruction follows another VRAINS-inspired expansion releasing at the end of March (see “‘Star Pack:  VRAINS’ Comes to ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!  TCG’”).  It will release within the timeframe for Konami’s Lost Art Promotion (see “‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’  ‘Lost Art Promotion’”).