Lucky Duck Games is producing a technology-enhanced mystery board game called Chronicles of Crime, scheduled to release in Q4.

Set in London, Chronicles of Crime presents a mystery that the players work together to solve by collecting clues and building a case against the suspect.  The players use the companion mobile app to search for clues, which can be enhanced with the addition of optional VR glasses to create a 3D environment.  After a 45 second search, the players look for clue cards that match what was discovered, scanning the QR Codes on the matching cards for more information.

Lucky Duck plans to extend the life of the game by pushing new content through the app using the company’s “Scan & Play Technology,” allowing players to reuse the cards and components for multiple mysteries, including tales written by Guillaume Montiage (Time Stories:  Under the Mask), Fenris (author of the Carrousel Funeste novels), and Mark Rein-Hagen (Vampire:  The Masquerade).

Chronicles of Crime was created by David Cicurel.  The game is intended for 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up, and takes a bit more than an hour to play.  The base set will include 40 character cards, 40 clue cards, 12 location boards, 4 player boards, and 1 main board, and will include access to a tutorial scenario and five complete investigations.  VR Mini glasses will be sold separately.  MSRP is $39.00.

Lucky Duck funded the development of the game and its app through a Kickstarter campaign last month that attracted $795,244 in pledged support from 9,108 backers (an average of $87.31 per backer).  Backer fulfillment is currently planned for December, with release into the trade to follow.

This summer, Lucky Duck plans to release a series of games based on the Fruit Ninja mobile game (see “‘Fruit Ninja Tabletop Game Series’”), which will include another design by Cicurel.