The first organized play materials to support Privateer Press’ new Monsterpocalypse game have been announced.  The Crush Hour Prize Kit and the Island of Annihilation League Kit will both be available in August.

The Monsterpocalypse Crush Hour Prize Kit is intended to act as the standard prize support for Monsterpocalypse tournaments of any size.  Each kit includes an alternate sculpt model and four foil building cards.  The model is the prize for the tournament winner, with the top three finishers each to receive a building card.  The fourth card is intended as an award for a random participant.  The MSRP for the Crush Hour Prize Kit is $19.99.

The smaller Monsterpocalypse Island of Annihilation League Kit offers four Monsterpocalypse maps and two metal coins, one each for the Protector and the Destroyer factions in the game.  The maps depict a tropical resort island, complete with volcano.  Designed as a way to support introductory-level league play, each kit has enough materials for four league participants.  Each participant receives a copy of the map to use in league play, while the metal coins act as awards for the highest-ranked Protector and Destroyer players.  MSRP for the Island of Annihilation League Kit is $15.00.

The OP materials will release just before the general launch of the first Monsterpocalypse releases, currently on schedule for September (see "First Releases for ‘Monsterpocalypse’ Battle Miniatures Game").