Bushiroad’s campaign to bring Cardfight!!  Vanguard back to its roots continues with two new releases planned for the fall:  Trial Deck 04 - Ren Suzugamori will release on September 14, followed by Booster Pack 02 - Strongest! Team AL4, on October 5, with a pre-release event planned for September 28-30. [Editor's note: on 8-13-18 Bushiroad changed the release date for Booster Pack 2 to October 12.]

Ren Suzugamori introduces the leader of Team Asteroid from the animated series.  This Trial Deck is built around the Shadow Paladin clan favored by that competitor and includes four copies each of the exclusive "The Dark Dictator" and "Blaster Dark" cards.

The pre-constructed deck is made up of 50 cards, a total of 14 different new cards, along with a play guide, playmat, and 3 Gift Markers.  Four of the cards in the deck are holo cards, and some random decks will also have a copy of "Blaster Dark" hot stamped with Akira Ito’s signature or a RRR version of a Gift Marker with Ito’s signature.  The decks will be sold in six-deck display boxes.

Designed to work well with the Ren Suzugamori deck, the Strongest!  Team AL4 booster expansion depicts the most powerful members of Team Asteroid as depicted in the show.  The 84-card set features the Shadow Paladin, Dark Irregulars, Pale Moon, and Murakumo clans.  The rarity mix will be 4 VR, 8 RRR, 12 RR, 17 R, and 43 C, with 4 parallel SVR and 4 parallel OR cards, plus 1 "Image Ride Rare" and 4 Secret Rare cards.  Two cards in each 7-card pack will be rarity R or higher, and some random packs will have Secret Rare Gift Markers hot-stamped with signatures from voice actors featured on the show.  The boosters will be packaged in 16-pack display boxes, and each display will include a pack of Gift Markers.

Bushiroad will celebrate the release of Strongest!  Team AL4 with a pre-release event the weekend of September 28 to 30.  Retailers who wish to host events during that weekend can order the Strongest!  Team AL4 Sneak Preview Kit, which includes 39 booster packs, 9 promo cards, and 2 rubber playmats, enough material for eight participants.

The revamp of Cardfight!!  Vanguard began earlier this month, and includes new card sets, a new animated series, and new organized play programs (see "Bushiroad to Revamp ‘Cardfight!!  Vanguard’").Team Asteroid