BattleTech, the venerable table top game of giant robot battles, is getting an updated base set when Catalyst Games releases two new boxed sets in Q3: the Battletech:  Beginner Box and BattleTech:  A Game of Armored Combat.

The Beginner Box is designed as a way to ease new players into the game, while still offering material for experienced players to enjoy.  For new players, the set offers a quick-start rulebook and ready-to-go Battlemechs.  Meanwhile, for experienced players, the set has an all-new map for players to battle over and a novella that will be available only in this set.

This boxed starter set comes with everything needed to play the game, including two pre-assembled, unpainted Battlemech miniatures - a Griffin and a Wolverine - a 24-page quick start guide, 8 record sheets, 4 pilot cards, a paper map, and 2 dice, along with a punchboard sheet with additional Battlemechs, a 4-page Instant Guide to the Inner Sphere, and a 48-page novella written by Willian H. Keith, Jr.  MSRP is $19.99.

The BattleTech:  A Game of Armored Combat boxed set offers a more complete experience, with a more detailed rule book, more in-depth background about the BattleTech setting, more Battlemechs, and materials for larger battles.  Like the Beginner Box, this set will also feature new material to attract existing fans, including new maps and an exclusive novella.

This boxed set includes 8 pre-assembled, unpainted miniatures, a 48-page rulebook, a 16-page record book, 8 Pilot cards, 8 Alpha Strike cards, 2 reference sheets, 2 double-sided mapsheets, additional punchboard Battlemechs and terrain, 2 dice, a 16-page background book, and a 48-page novella by William H. Keith, Jr.  MSRP is $59.99.

Click on the Gallery below for images of some of the components from the new sets.