Gale Force Nine is now sharing more details on upcoming licensed Dungeons & Dragons products that were previewed at New York Toy Fair this year (see “New 'Dungeons & Dragons' Game on the Way”). Releases for the new paint set, named Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments, were the first to be shared.

The paint sets are an accompaniment to GF9’s licensed Dungeons & Dragons Collector’s Series resin miniature line. The sets are aimed at people that collect D&D models, but have never painted before. The paints are renamed versions of existing hues from The Army Painter line, and the releases come with a chart that directs customers to the correct hues at local game stores when they need more.

Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments Adventurers Paint Set includes 10 paints, a paintbrush, and a pre-assembled Minsc & Boo miniature. MSRP is $25.00.

The Monster Paint Set includes 36 Army Painter Warpaints and a pre-assembled Owlbear miniature. MSRP is $80.00.

Nolzur’s Marvelous Brush Set includes three specially selected Army Painter Paintbrushes: A Basecoat Brush, Detail Brush, and Dry Brush. MSRP is $12.00.

All three are planned for August release.

See images of all products in the gallery below!