Dark Horse Comics and Netflix have signed a deal for a line of comics and graphic novels set in the smash hit Stranger Things universe.  Starting in September, Dark Horse will publish comics and young adult graphic novels exploring Hawkins, Indiana, and the lives of its inhabitants, young and supernatural.

The first release, a four-issue Stranger Things miniseries, is written by Jody Houser (Faith, Orphan Black), penciled by Stefano Martino (Legs Weaver, Nathan Never), inked by Keith Champagne (JSA, Superboy), colored by Lauren Affe (Rebels), and lettered by Nate Piekos (Green Arrow).  The first issue of the series about Will Byers’ entrapment in the Upside Down will be in stores on September 26.  It features a cover by Aleksi Briclot (New Avengers, Maskemane), with three variants from Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire, Blue Beetle), Kyle Lambert, and a photo-variant cover designed by Patrick Satterfield and Netflix.

Netflix’s Stranger Things, a retro sci-fi series that draws heavily from ‘80s era pop culture, was a hit upon the release of the first season in summer 2016.  In addition to a devoted following, the show has inspired tradeing cards (see “Topps Adds 'Stranger Things' to Hobby Trading Cards Releases”) and merchandise (see “'Stranger Things' Demogorgons Take Over Toy Shelf”).

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