The friendly web-slinger and his friends will be the focus of three upcoming releases for Upper Deck’s Vs. System 2 PCG game, scheduled for August, September, and October.

The “Great Power” arc will extend over three Issue Packs for the Vs. System 2PCG Volume 1, built around Spider-Man as well as his friends and adversaries.  The first part of the arc will be titled Spider-Friends,and will include 55 cards.  The cards in the set will feature two main mechanics: “Climb” allows characters to exhaust locations to gain a benefit, while “Symbiosis” (first seen in Vs. System 2PCG:  The Defenders) allows characters to keep counters when they are stunned.  MSRP is $14.99.

The main characters for Spider-Friends will include Spider-Man with the alien symbiote suit, the Scarlet Spider, and Spider-Woman.

Click on the gallery below for images of some of the cards in the new set.

In July, Upper Deck will release the final Issue Pack of the preceding arc (see “‘Vs. System 2PCG:  MCU Villains’”).