USAopoly has partnered with Games Workshop to produce Monopoly: Warhammer 40,000, which will release on August 15.

Fans of the dystopian science fantasy setting can now buy, sell, and trade Outposts and Fortifications as they travel through 22 familiar locations from the 41st Millenium.  There are custom metal Monopoly tokens (Space Marine Helmet, Necron Monolith, Tyranid Ripper, Eldar Rune, Ork, Choppa, and Chaos Star) and familiar things like Railroads have been replaced with Craftworld. Card-based Community Chest and Chance opportunities are now replaced by Glory and Fate.

The game is for 2 – 6 players, ages 13 and up, and plays in 60+ minutes.  MSRP is $39.95.