DC Comics will release a new miniseries Old Lady Harley that dives into the pre-apocalypse history of Harley Quinn’s own escape from New York.

In April’s Harley Quinn #42, set 30 years in the future, one of her abandoned Gang of Harleys kidnaps the clown princess and drags her home to deal with the mess the Gang of Harleys have made of New York in her absence. The ravaged, mutated city is full of warring tribes, and mutated penguins. Harley will be walking the Fury Road and channeling Tank Girl to deal with the mess her exit caused.

Now Frank Tieri expands the narrative and explains through flashbacks what happened to drive Harley from New York City, while she fights off the Laughing Boys Gang who want to make her their leader. Will President Power Girl help her? Or can she seek asylum on Atlantis? The five-issue miniseries is illustrated by Mauricet, and launches on October 24.