The latest design from Vital Lacerda is the heist-film inspired Escape Plan, coming from Eagle-Gryphon Games in June 2019.

Escape Plan begins after a successful bank heist, as the band of thieves are laying low and congratulating themselves.  When the police catch a break and the manhunt starts up, the thieves, represented by the players, need to split up and find their own way out of town fast, while making away with as much loot as they can.  The player who can get out with the most cash before the police lock down the city wins the game.

The game uses a modular board to represent the city, and gives players a variety of ways to evade the authorities, from a fast getaway car to a timely bribe, or even fighting their way out or recruiting local gangs.  A player’s actions can increase their “notoriety,” which in turn can give them certain advantages, but which also attracts more attention from the police.

Escape Plan features artwork from Ian O’Toole, who has partnered with Lacerda on some of his more popular titles including Vinhos Deluxe and Lisboa.  It will include 1 double-sided game board, 5 player boards with player screens, 121 tiles, 50 money cards, 74 other cards, 5 player aids, 153 wooden tokens, and 1 cloth bag.  The game is intended for 1 to 5 players, ages 12 and up, and takes between 1 and 2 hours to play.  MSRP has not yet been set.

The project is being funded through a Kickstarter campaign that hit its $50,000 funding goal in the first 10 minutes.  Retailers that are registered with the Eagle-Gryphon Games Retail Network can join the campaign through a retailer-only pledge option and the company’s Preorder Incentive Program.  Participating retailers will receive their copies at the same time as other Kickstarer backers, which is expected to occur before the Origins Game Fair next year.

Details have not been finalized for the trade release, which will follow backer fulfillment.