At Fantasy Flight Games In Flight report at Gen Con, the publisher unveiled a new deck building-style card game designed by Richard Garfield where each deck is an utterly unique mix of cards. KeyForge will release in Q4.

The world of KeyForge is a fantastical mix of seven factions of different sci-fantasy races and traditions. These disparate Houses are gathered in the nexus of the Crucible, where they vie to gather amber to forge keys. Keys unlock ancient knowledge of the universe’s architects, the Archons, and each faction’s ultimate goal is to ascend beyond their current existence.

The initial products will include the KeyForge: Call of the Archons Starter Set and the one-of-a-kind Archon Decks. The Starter Set contains two “static” introductory decks, keys, tokens, chain trackers, and status cards. MSRP is $39.95. Each Archon Deck features cards from three of the seven factions (Brobnar, Logos, Shadows, Mars, Dis, Untamed, Sanctum). Each selection of faction subset cards is randomized. So there is exactly one deck that includes the specific card combination present in any Archon Deck. According to Fantasy Flight, there are more than 104,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible decks. MSRP is $9.95.

Players will always face a new challenge with each new battle. Fantasy Flight said that if one specific deck proves overpowering, a handicap can be placed on the specific deck to “chain” its natural advantages when facing new opponents. Since the contents of each deck is static, there is no concern of “net checking” or trading/ buying cards to build a “winning” deck.

Fantasy Flight is previewing the game at Gen Con this week.