Wizards of the Coast will release two products on November 16 for its popular Magic: The Gathering  trading card game: Magic Game Night and an updated Gift Pack.

The Magic Game Night release is an out-of-the box introductory product that teaches multiplayer Magic.  The box includes five preconstructed 60-card decks (one of each color), each with an exclusive card.  These exclusive cards, as well as any other reprinted cards not in Standard, are not Standard legal.  The box also contains all the accessories needed to play: spindown life counters, life counter platforms, double-sided tokens, reference cards, +1/-1 counters and a rulebook.  MSRP is $39.99.

The Gift Pack contains four Core Set 2019 Boosters (see “'Dominaria,' 'Core Set 2019' and 'Challenger Decks'”), five premium land cards, a spindown die and five creature cards exclusive to this release.  The five creature cards will be considered part of the Core Set 2019 for legality and rotation purposes: Angelic Guardian, Angler Turtle, Vengeant Vampire, Immortal Phoenix, and Rampaging Brontodon.  MSRP is $19.99.

See images of Gift Pack cards in gallery below.