The tragic history of Erik Killmonger, sworn enemy of Black Panther, will be detailed in the miniseries Killmonger launching on December 5.

The five-part series will be written by Bryan Edward Hill (What If? X-Men, Postal) and drawn by Juan Ferreyra (Colder, Prometheus: Fire and Stone). N’Jadaka was an exile from Wakanda, who’s father was killed when he was young, partially due to the actions of T’Challa /The Black Panther. He grew up in Harlem, and changed his name to Erik Killmonger, and went on to study at MIT, nursing a hatred of T’Challa and plotting revenge for his father’s death.

"I can say that the events of the stories for the most part begin with Erik graduating from MIT,” Hill said. “Like all stories, it begins with him having a fork in the road in front of him. He’s a young man who could have a successful and peaceful life if he could just put away his desire for revenge. In this case he’s really focused on [villain Ulysses] Klaw and the men that took him from Wakanda, and also punishing Wakanda itself for its failures. We begin the story with him making that choice to step away from one potential future and step into another that speaks to more of his darker nature. For me, that’s what a tragedy is, really. Something isn’t tragic unless you can see a way that it could have worked out better. ... It’s about a fall of a person that should have been something much better than what he wound up being, and the story is about how he winds up in that place."