CMON, Ltd. has licensed George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead from Living Dead Media to create board games and associated play accessories.

The new games are officially approved by Image Ten, the original production company of Night of the Living Dead. CMON will be working with Evolution USA LLC, licensing and brand management agent of Living Dead Media. CMON worked with Living Dead Media on the Narcos board game, which debuts in November (see “Netflix Series 'Narcos' Adapted as Board Game”).

 Night of the Living Dead is technically in the public domain, so ICv2 asked CMON why the game is licensed. “Night of the Living Dead has been in the public domain almost since its release, which means that at the same time Mr. Romero literally created the Zombie genre, by gifting it to the world, he was never to be properly rewarded for his work,” Geoff Skinner, CMON’s VP of Media Development responded via email.  “It was important for us to honor him and his legacy by working hand-in-hand with his estate - we want this to be THE definitive Night of the Living Dead tabletop experience, and a big part of that is having their blessing.”