Cubicle 7 will release The Laughter of Dragons, an adventure book for The One Ring role playing game in March.

There has been peace in Wilderland since the death of Smaug and the defeat of the Dark Lord, but many of the Free Folks of the North still remember the terror that the laughter of a dragon foretold. Peace does not mean quiet however, as a conspiracy unfolds that may once again lead to war. Players journey to the Kingdom of Bard the Dragonslayer, visit the rebuilt Lake-town and the halls of the King under the Mountain. There they assist Balin, son of Fundin as he attempts to foil the conspiracy.

The One Ring - Laughter of Dragons includes six interconnected adventures which can be played alone or as a campaign that takes place over several years. This release is enhanced when used with The One Ring – Erebor The Lonely Mountain location guide. MSRP is $39.99.