Tokyopop has just announced that it has licensed the 26-episode Vampire Princess Miyu television series as well as the Vampire Princess Miyu soundtrack CD (see 'Tokyopop to Release Anime Soundtracks').  Animeigo released the Vampire Princess Miyu OVA (Original Video Animation) series here in 1996, but the television series is an entirely different entity, which drew from both the OVA series and the original manga by Narumi Kakinouchi.  Emi Kadonosuno added additional design elements to the television series that was a cult hit in Japan.  Kenji Kawai, who composed the score for Ghost in the Shell, provided the music for the Vampire Princess Miyu television series.  His score is a haunting blend of melancholy themes and traditional Japanese folk music.


The storyline of Vampire Princess Miyu is sure to appeal to the teen 'goth' crowd and fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Like Buffy, Miyu is a 'Chosen One' who can help ordinary mortals.  But Miyu, who remains perpetually 13, can never find happiness herself until she rids the earth of all the evil Shinma, parasitic demons who live in darkness and prey on humans.  Half-human, half-Shinma herself, Miyu is torn between two worlds and has only one friend and companion, Larva, a once evil Shinma who is now her devoted guardian.  Obviously Vampire Princess Miyu has the sort of plotline that will appeal to adolescents, who often identify strongly with 'mutants' who are caught between two worlds.


Tokyopop is releasing the first three episodes of the TV series this August.  Vampire Princess Miyu: Initiation will be available in a DVD version with English and Japanese soundtracks and English subtitles (msrp: $29.99) and an English dubbed video version (msrp: $19.99).