Fantasy Flight Games will release the Bossk Operative Expansion and the Sabine Wren Operative Expansion for the Star Wars:  Legion tabletop miniatures game in Q2.

The Empire has hired the notorious bounty hunter Bossk in the Bossk Operative Expansion.  This veteran combatant is effective at both ranged and close combat, and his hunting instincts make him a dangerous foe.

The Bossk Operative Expansion includes a single unpainted multi-piece model that can be assembled in two different ways, along with unit cards, upgrade cards, three command cards, and the tokens he needs in the game.  MSRP is $12.95.

Meanwhile, the Mandalorian Sabine Wren signs up for the Rebels in the Sabine Wren Operative Expansion.  This armored combatant enjoys enhanced mobility thanks to her jet pack and can be equipped with a pair of blaster pistols or the Darksaber.

This kit includes one unpainted multi-piece model with multiple weapon and head options.  It also comes with unit cards, upgrade cards, three command cards, and tokens.  MSRP is $12.95.

Click on the gallery below for images of both models.

Q2 will also see the release of two new vehicles for the game (see “‘Star Wars:  Legion’ Rolls Out New Vehicles”).