Wizards of the Coast is revamping the Wizards Play Network, replacing its current four-level system with a simpler two-level system and scalable prize support for Magic: The Gathering based on two metrics.  Most stores will now be Wizards Play Network stores, and will receive prize support in the form of four-card promo packs based on its number of Tickets (the total number of entries across all of a store’s Magic: The Gathering events) and Engaged Players (players who join six events, in either Standard, Draft, or Sealed, per year).  Over the course of a year, stores will need a minimum of 250 Tickets and 5 Engaged players to remain in the WPN.

The four-card promo packs will include a promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from the most recent set; a promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from a short, curated list; a promo-stamped alternate art basic land; and a promo card from a selection of special, season-specific cards.  One in four packs will be labeled as an all-foil pack.

Promo packs can be used for any events; WotC recommends they be used in the following ratios:  15% for Draft Weekend, 30% for Friday Night Magic, 20% for Magic Weekend, 10% for new player events and prizes, and 25% for other events.

Since quantities are based on a store’s numbers, beginning with Core Set 2020, stores will be able to schedule and edit events all the way up to the day of the event.

A small subset (currently around 5%) of Wizards Play Network stores will be designated WPN Premium stores, which will receive additional support including exclusive events, priority and recognition in WotC’s Store & Event Locator, upgraded marketing materials, including a Magic lighted sign for the first group, and more.

WotC also made changes in how it’s organizing its Magic events beginning with War of the Spark (see "’War of the Spark’ Ignites OP Changes for ‘Magic: The Gathering’").