Two new unit expansions for Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars:  Legion will both release in Q2 this year:  the Imperial Shoretroopers Unit Expansion and the Dewback Rider Unit Expansion.

Trained and equipped to defend Imperial installations and beachheads, Imperial Shoretroopers are experts at countering Rebel infiltration efforts.  This expansion comes with five Shoretroopers armed with the upgraded E-22 blaster rifle, plus a long-range expert wielding a T-21B targeting rifle and a heavy weapons specialist manning a DF-90 Mortar.

The seven figures included in the set come unpainted and may require some assembly.  The set also comes with two unit cards, five upgrade cards, and the tokens needed to use the Shoretroopers in play.  MSRP is $29.95.

Mounted atop a massive reptilian beast, the Dewback Rider offers mobile support to an Imperial force.  The dewback itself is protected by a thick scaly hide that can shrug off blaster bolts, while the rider can select from four different weapon options to custom fit their battlefield role.

The Dewback Rider Unit Expansion includes one unpainted dewback model with a rider and four weapon choices, one unit card, six upgrade cards, and the tokens needed to use the model in the game.  MSRP is $24.95.

In the third quarter, Fantasy Flight will release a series of kits featuring the combatants of the Clone Wars for use with the game (see “Clone Wars Comes to ‘Star Wars Legion’”).