Disney rolled out details of its streaming service launch on Thursday at an investor event, with news on new and previously announced Marvel series for the service. 

The service will launch November 12 with a monthly subscription price of $6.99 and an annual price of $69.99.  At launch, the new service will offer 18 Pixar films, 13 Disney animated classics, including “vault” films, all of the Star Wars films, many Marvel titles including Captain Marvel, and all 660 episodes of The Simpsons, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  It will be available across all portable media devices, including video game, with Roku and PlayStation 4 already signed.

News on several Disney+ Marvel series has been revealed over the past couple of days, not all at the presentation.  Yesterday, news leaked that Disney is planning a  Hawkeye series starring Jeremy Renner for the new service, according to Variety.  In the series, Renner will pass the Hawkeye torch to Kate Bishop.

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige announced the first animated Marvel series for the service, What If.  The first episode will ask what if Peggy Carter had taken the super soldier serum and Steve Rogers had joined World War II in a metal suit made by Tony Stark’s father Howard Stark, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Feige also revealed the titles of two previously announced series, WandaVision, for the series featuring Vision and the Scarlet Witch (see “Vision and Scarlet Witch Come to Disney+”), and Falcon & Winter Soldier.  Some timing was also revealed, with Falcon & Winter Soldier in the first year of Disney+ and WandaVision, Loki, and What If in the second year.

Feige has previously promised that the new Disney+ shows will be produced by Marvel Studios and be interwoven with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (see “Marvel TV in the MCU”).

Disney also laid out some subscription and cost expectations.  The service is expected to be profitable for the first time in 2024, when it will have 60 to 90 million subscribers, one-third in the U.S.  Disney will be spending heavily to create programming, with $1 billion in spending expected in 2020, growing to the mid-$2B range by 2024. 

Check out The Simpsons video below celebrating the launch!