IDW Publishing will launch Starcadia Quest this August.

Written by James Roberts (Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye) and illustrated by Aurelio Mazzara (Skylanders), the 3-issue miniseries is based on the CMON tabletop game. Each issue includes additional bonus pages with playable game content that allows aspects of the issue’s story to be added to the tabletop game.

In the Frontier, Freelance Adventuring Crews take on the most difficult jobs in the galaxy. Starkid, a delivery boy celebrating his sixteenth birthday, sends out a call for the best recruits at his local Stardollars coffee shop.

Starcadia Quest launched on Kickstarter last August and raised $935,956 from 6,503 backers (see “Defend The Starcadian Alliance In ‘Starcadia Quest’”).Backer fulfillment is planned for August, with trade release to follow.