Bushiroad is continuing its crossover releases with the anime series BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! PICO on September 27.

Future Card Buddyfight Ace Ultimate Booster Cross Vol. 2 BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!PICO will feature 91 cards, including ER: 5/ SP: 6/ SR: 20/ RR: 12/ R:18/ U: 24. The Extravagant Rares (ER) will feature original illustrations of the five main characters and signatures from their respective voice actresses. The set includes a new Flag that allows players the possibility to field all 5 members from a band at the same time.

Each booster pack includes 7 cards, with every display containing 10 packs. Every display will have 1 out of 5 possible PR packs randomly inserted. Each display will also include a BanG Dream! Collaboration PR Pack, which includes 1 Buddyfight PR card, 1 Weiss Schwarz PR card and 1 Mobile Game PR card. Each carton contains 24 displays.

The first of Future Card Buddyfight crossovers, Case Closed, releases this month (see “‘Future Card Buddyfight’ Jumps Worlds With ‘Case Closed’ Anime”).