The Fantastic Four are back, and writer/artist Tom Scioli will be re-creating their history in Fantastic Four: Grand Design, a new series that will launch in October.

Planned along the same lines as Ed Piskor’s X-Men: Grand Design (see "The Overarching History of the X-Men Revealed"), the Fantastic Four series will weave a single new history of the superpowered quartet, drawing on 58 years’ worth of comics adventures.  And because there’s more to those adventures than simply Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben, the series will include appearances by the Black Panther, Doctor Doom, Galactus, the Inhumans, and other Marvel characters.

Scioli, who has a lot of experience with continuity-heavy titles (see “’G.I. Joe & Transformers’ in Permanent Crossover”) will not only write the series but also pencil, color, and letter it.  The first issue will feature a cover by Scioli and special variants by both Scioli and Piskor.

Click Gallery below for covers and interior pages!